A dynamic community of young adults and singles

Lethbridge Youth Ministry


The Lethbridge Youth Ministry envisions a dynamic community of young adults and singles passionately pursuing Christ-centered lives. We see a vibrant group that thrives in their faith, grows in character, and positively impacts the world through their actions, unity, and love.


Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment where young adults can deepen their relationship with God, engage in authentic fellowship, and actively contribute to their community. Through meaningful discussions, engaging activities, and service opportunities, we aim to equip youth to navigate life’s challenges with unwavering faith and purpose.

Our Motivation

The heart of our youth ministry beats with the desire to see young adults flourish in their faith journey. We are motivated by the potential within each individual to grow, learn, and become impactful leaders. Young adults can make a significant difference through vibrant faith, strong friendships, and a commitment to Christ’s teachings.

Why You Should Join

  • Connect and Belong: If you’re a young adult or single seeking a supportive community that values your journey, join us! We provide a space to connect with like-minded peers, share experiences, and foster lifelong friendships.
  • Spiritual Growth: Our ministry is committed to helping you deepen your relationship with God. Join us for insightful discussions, Bible studies, and prayer sessions that provide a solid foundation for your faith journey.
  • Service and Impact: We believe in making a positive impact. Participate in our service projects and outreach initiatives that allow you to give back to the community while living out Christ’s teachings.
  • Fun and Fellowship: Life is meant to be enjoyed! Our ministry combines faith with fun through exciting events, outings, and activities that create lasting memories and meaningful connections.

Ready to Join?

If you’re a young adult or single looking to explore your faith, make new friends, and create lasting memories, we invite you to join the Young Adults and Singles Ministry (YASM) Lethbridge chapter.

Men of Valour


Our Men’s Ministry envisions a community of men firmly rooted in Christ, living lives of purpose, integrity, and leadership. We see a gathering of men who strengthen their faith and inspire others through their actions, dedication, and commitment to following Christ’s example.


Our mission is to equip men to embrace leadership roles within their families and the broader community. Through fellowship, study, and service, we aim to cultivate a strong brotherhood that uplifts, supports, and challenges each other to grow spiritually and positively impact the world.

What We Do

  • Fellowship and Connection: We believe in the power of genuine relationships. Our Men’s Ministry provides a safe and welcoming space for men to connect, share experiences, and build lasting friendships. We create a sense of camaraderie that nurtures spiritual growth through regular gatherings, outings, and events.
  • Bible Study and Discipleship: Delving into God’s Word is central to our ministry. Our regular Bible study sessions delve into relevant topics that address men’s unique challenges and opportunities. We encourage deep discussions, honest exploration of Scripture, and applying Biblical principles to daily life.
  • Spiritual Formation: Our ministry is dedicated to nurturing spiritual growth. We offer resources, workshops, and teachings that empower men to understand their faith and relationship with God better. Together, we strive for personal transformation that reflects Christ’s character.
  • Service and Outreach: As Christ-like leaders, we are called to serve. Our Men’s Ministry engages in various community service projects, reaching out to meet the needs of those around us. Through acts of compassion and kindness, we aim to make a positive impact and demonstrate Christ’s love in practical ways.
  • Empowerment: We believe that every man has unique gifts and talents. We encourage men to step into their God-given potential through mentoring and empowerment initiatives. Whether in their families, workplaces, or communities, we inspire men to lead with integrity and grace.

Join Us on the Journey:

If you’re a man seeking to grow spiritually, strengthen your leadership skills, and connect with like-minded brothers, we invite you to join our Men’s Ministry. Together, we’ll explore God’s Word, uplift one another, and impact our surroundings with the love of Christ.

This group holds prayer meetings every Saturday and organizes programs throughout the year. Join us as we embark on a journey of growth, service, and purpose, all while building solid foundations of faith that last a lifetime. 

Victorious Women

Our Vision

Freedom House Women’s ministry is strategically designed to touch, build, equip, encourage, and empower women of all ages! ( B.E.E.E).

Our Mission

To raise and build Godly women in Christ through love, care, prayer, and service for women of all ages.

What we do

  • We enlighten women on our role and responsibilities in the body of Christ
  • We share each other’s burdens, pray, support, love, and care for one another
  • We intercede for our nation
  • We encourage women to discover, develop and maximize their God-given potential
  • We encourage and equip women on how to apply Christ’s principles in their daily life
  • Our most important goal is to get as many women as possible to heaven.

Would you like to join us?

We hold our meetings as follows:

  • Monthly meeting – first Saturday of every month I Thess 2:7-8.
  • Quarterly meeting – Total Women prayer and breakfast conference I Thess 5:23.
  • Tuesday prayer meeting – 8 pm every week

Children Ministry

The Children’s Department oversees the care of the children who attend Freedom House.

Our Vision

The Vision of the Children’s Department is based on the scripture in Proverbs 22:6 –Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Therefore the Children’s Department focuses on getting the kids to know God and His ways as early as possible.

Our Mission

To actualize our vision, the Children’s Department aims to:

  • Introduce God and His ways to Children in a fun and loving environment.
  • Help children know about key characters in the Bible and their stories
  • Learn good Christian songs to help them love the GOD
  • Teach them Christian Character and Behaviour through games and customized teaching methods.
  • Help children to start memorizing scriptures by showing them ways of keeping the Word of God in their hearts.

Our Motivation

The Children’s Department has a special assignment from God because this is where future generals, champions, and leaders in the kingdom are formed and nurtured to fulfill destiny, therefore we take the ministry very seriously.

Who can attend

Our children usually have their parents also attending the Freedom House. However, there may be cases where the parents do not attend. Our children are typically 12 years old and younger.

Would you like to join us?

We always welcome new teachers! All teachers in the Children’s Department are expected to maintain a high level of spirituality to minister to God’s Children effectively. You can speak with the head of the department or the pastor to communicate your interest.

House Fellowship

House fellowships are cell unit groups of an individual fellowship from home to connect and help each other grow. We hold House Fellowship meetings every Friday at 7 pm. The venue for each week is communicated via email.

At these meetings, we sing hymns, worship songs, share testimonies, leverage each others’ insight on the word shared and have fun in God’s presence to kick off the weekend. It’s our TGIF (Thank GOD it’s Friday) hangout, and every week is refreshingly different!